Ford probably will sell Mazda stake

Posted on Tuesday, 14 October 2008 , 06:10:20 byEmil

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Ford probably will sell Mazda stake

Here`s a simple: when in trouble you do everything for surviving. This may be the thing that is shaping up now at Ford as the reports show that the one-3rd stake on Mazda is available for sale.

So, Ford hasn't indicated yet that a ultimate decision on selling the controlling interest on the carmaker in Japan, but it's not doing anything for deny that rumor. "Our relationship with Mazda has not changed," said Ford. "Any important decision will be disclosed."

To sell Mazda is trickier that any other brands. And unlike the for-sale-also Volvo, Mazda name is integral part in the operations for Ford. At the moment, Ford Focus, Ranger and Fusion (and the variations from them) as well like the Duratec engines line are intertwined now with Mazda. So, if Ford sells the interest, it would be needing to make very sure the customer was both quite friendly to the business at Ford and likely not in the auto business.