New rendering for Alfa Romeo 149

Posted on Friday, 17 October 2008 , 11:10:59 byEmil

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New rendering for Alfa Romeo 149

New rendering for the upcoming Alfa Romeo 149 model. It will be available in both 3 and 5 doors variant and will be on sale in 2009, in the middle, like a direct competitor to Ford Focus (the European variant).

The 149 model has the base on exactly the same platform as Lancia Delta and Fiat Bravo. Just like the smallest auto by Alfa, MiTo, 149 unit will be borrowing from the 8C Competizione's lines translating it into some small hatch — which isn't a bad start.

Alfa Romeo model will be placing under the hood a range of gas turbo 1.4-liter plus 1.9 diesel models with a range of 120bhp - 250bhp.
This kind of design will make the small vehicles popular in America. If (a big IF indeed) Alfa will bring it here as both frugal and stylish, it may very well have some kid of revolution in hands.