Lexus GS 460 customized by Five Axis at SEMA

Posted on Friday, 17 October 2008 , 10:10:32 byEmil

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Lexus GS 460 customized by Five Axis at SEMA

The Las Vegas Show at SEMA is about customized autos. So, Lexus wants to make a show off of the F-line factory-customized autos based on GS and IS lines.

The upcoming auto will be the brand new GS 460 model, which was now customized even further by the Five Axis. IS-F will features 4 customized projects: Import Tuner Magazine/TEIN Suspension, Fox Marketing/Artisan Performance, MotorworldHype, 0-60 Magazine.

"The introduction of the IS F last year was our first opportunity to stimulate major interest from the performance community," affirmed Brian Bolain, the national marketing engagement manager at Lexus. "We followed up with the F-Sport line of performance accessories for the IS 250/350 and judging by the market’s overall response, there was clearly some pent-up demand".

Also the IS F racing video simulators – place where the drivers can race themselves on Laguna Seca’s Corkscrew for bragging rights and prizes. Helmets are obviously optional.