Ferrari California in U.K.

Posted on Saturday, 18 October 2008 , 07:10:27 byEmil

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Ferrari California in U.K.

Ferrari announced the pricing in the U.K. for the California 2009: £143,000. Meaning the California is placed right between the hard-top F430 and the spider.

It means also we win finally on the exchange rates. The U.K. price of California is around 255,000 Dollars on present rates, but this F430 coupe unit costs around 185,000 Dollars; the F430 drop-top is placed between 201,000 and 218,000 Dollars. So if California auto slots technically in between those 2 vehicle, America will be paying less than U.K. Amazing...

California runs with a V8 4.3-liter engine delivering 460bhp via the rear wheels, having 357lb ft torque. The maximum speed is of 192mph featuring a trick all-new 7-speed twin-clutch transmission that really helps the brand new drop-top on 60mph in less than 4 seconds.