Toyota iQ in America - 54-mpg

Posted on Saturday, 18 October 2008 , 16:10:28 byEmil

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Toyota iQ in America - 54-mpg

If Toyota is deciding on bringing iQ to America, it may very well have to start educating the U.S. public on all the premium mini auto benefits. Its 1.0-liter engine unit should be quite a good fit for 54 mpg, but the mini vehicle may come on some premium cost. The Japanese variant retails in between 1.4 million yen - 1.6 million yen (13,860-15,840 Dollars). This kind of money could buy an all-new Ford Focus model or a bit used Honda Civic auto (Toyota’s Yaris begins at 12,205 Dollars).

The other microcar premium available is the Smart ForTwo unit, 12 inches shorter evan than iQ plus it has 44 mpg. And the ForTwo car pricing starts also at around 11,000 Dollars.

The sales target of Toyota is 102,000 models yearly. iQ sales should start on November 20 in Japan, and in Europe next year. The iQ unit should find lots of good homes on both places, because traditionally, they are friendlier than America to small autos.

For the iQ auto to arrive in America, Toyota must create different airbags, improving bumper strength, so the iQ will pass the safety standards. So, Toyota may modify the iQ also for comfort items, upgrading the engine, making it of 1.5-liters.