CTS-V 2009 on November 1 on sale priced from 59,995 Dollars

Posted on Sunday, 19 October 2008 , 07:10:48 byEmil

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CTS-V 2009 on November 1 on sale priced from 59,995 Dollars

The Cadillac CTS-V 2009 will be on sale beginning November 1st costing 59,995 Dollars. After test driving it in August around Monticello Racecourse, it`s considered a bargain price.

The Cadillac CTS-V runs with a supercharged V8 6.2-liter engine delivering 556-hp. It's available having a six-speed automatic (which's one of the very best tested), but there's no real substitute for the basic six-speed manual transmission.

More fun options on the CTS-V model are the adjustable Recaro 14-way performance seats, big “Ultra-View” sunroof and microfiber interior accents.

“The launch of the new CTS-V presents a compelling proposition for luxury and performance enthusiasts,” says Mark McNabb, the vice president in North America, Cadillac/Premium Channel. “The CTS-V is a strong statement about Cadillac design and technology and a new member in the club of the highest performing luxury cars.”

“Along with the new Escalade Hybrid, the CTS-V is a key aspect in Cadillac’s ongoing renaissance, with dramatic designs and very sophisticated technologies for luxury consumers,” McNabb affirmed. “These two new high-tech Cadillac models pave the way for a series of new Cadillac models coming in 2009, including the upcoming CTS Sport Wagon and SRX Crossover.”