Cadillac CTS featuring V8 diesel engine

Posted on Monday, 20 October 2008 , 07:10:32 byEmil

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Cadillac CTS featuring V8 diesel engine

GM considers a V-8 turbodiesel engine 4.5L Duramax for the Cadillac CTS model. The dual overhead cam, V-8 4-valve diesel that found use on SUV cars and light-duty pickup models will bi fitting also in the same area as most gasoline V-8 small-block.

While CTS is due on getting in Europe a V-6 2.9L diesel, the V-8 4.5L diesel would be seen most likely as filling the gap from 304-hp V-6 direct-injection of regular CTS plus the 556-hp V-8 supercharged of CTS-V right here in America. The Duramax 4.5L engine has aluminum cylinder heads featuring integrated manifolding plus some variable-vane turbocharger delivering over 310 hp plus 520 lb-ft torque.

But the diesel Cadillac will sell in gas-only traditionally U.S.? General Motors is hoping the all-new diesels made by premium carmakers like Mercedes and Audi will spark a new love perfect for the American upper market oil burners.