Renderings for Volvo V70

Posted on Thursday, 23 October 2008 , 10:10:11 byEmil

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Renderings for Volvo V70

Volvo prepares the upcoming generation V50 and V70, and it seems they could really be the first of the brand new wagons generation for scraping the conventional low driving position and long roof for looking more like a SUV, driving position and higher roofline.

“Within Volvo we are re-examining the estate (wagon) car and many people are currently scratching their heads,” said a senior manager for Volvo at the recent XC60's revealing. “We’d be interested in your opinions.”

Volvo will be replacing also in 2010 the S60 and the XC90 model will be getting an important makeover in 2010 (this includes a possible hybrid diesel drivetrain) having a replacement arriving in 2012.