BMW is pushing for the open-source in-auto electronics

Posted on Monday, 27 October 2008 , 06:10:14 byEmil

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BMW is pushing for the open-source in-auto electronics

In Detroit, at an electronics panel, BMW said it will make an electronics open-source platform allowing third-party suppliers on developing auto plug-and-play applications. This move, so revolutionary allows the industry (software) for contributing code for the in-auto infotainment systems, it opens up a brand new world of possibilities, says BMW.

BMW - the only carmaker that's involved on the panel – including Ford, Chrysler, Honda and General Motors - saying they will have the open-source car platform of over 200,000 units in these next 7 years, reports Automotive News.

BMW was co-developing the Linux open-source system with Intel and Wind River Systems.

“We were convinced we had to develop an open platform that would allow for open software since the speed in the infotainment and entertainment industry requires us to be on a much faster track,” said Gunter Reichart, the BMW vice president - driver assistance, body electronics, electrical networks. “We invite other OEMs to join with us, to exchange with us. We are open to exchange with others.”

“We also need to make sure who will be responsible for such an open system architecture,” said Honda’s Toyohei Nakajima. “Maybe we need to learn more about that from BMW.”