Phoenix engine from Chrysler not cancelled

Posted on Monday, 27 October 2008 , 08:10:27 byEmil

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Phoenix engine from Chrysler not cancelled

Reports said that Chrysler cancelled the V6 Phoenix program, all due to some pending General Motors sale, but a top exec Chrysler affirms the program engine is still available. The Phoenix engines were designed for giving Chrysler a V6 world-class competing with the best possible for fuel economy and power.

Chrysler began its Phoenix engine program in 2007, and says it has no plans to put the brakes of the plan now. “The Phoenix engine program is going forward full steam,” Jim Press - Chrysler President told Reuters. “It’s a great engine. We’re driving the prototypes today.”

Chrysler invested so far about 3 billion Dollars in the project.

Despite the public support of Chrysler on the Phoenix engine, it remains still possible this engine might never exist. Chrysler’s 2 greatest possible suitors — Renault/Nissan and GM – have V6 engines world-class of their own, that are rendering the engine area redundant of Phoenix.