Ford Flex presented at SEMA

Posted on Monday, 3 November 2008 , 17:11:17 byEmil

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Ford Flex presented at SEMA

Ford announced some aftermarket designers, creators will be displaying their interpretations at the SEMA Show of the brand new Flex. Despite the number, every Flex unit on the display at SEMA different and unique.

Every auto presented at SEMA is going for a bad, meaner appearance with redesigned rear, front fascias.

Flex is a vehicle that speaks to people with its polarizing style,” said Kate Pearce, the Flex marketing manager. “That really is the magic of the car and what makes this vehicle so important for Ford Motor Company.”

“When you’re ordering the car, there are a variety of personalization options available, with the colors, series and features you choose,” she affirmed. “For example, you can order a monotone versus a two-tone vehicle, and you can pick what color roof you want.”

“When people see this car, they’re absolutely surprised that it’s a Ford,” said Kate Pearce. “The fact that we’re able to put new designs out in the marketplace that are different from anything we’ve ever created before is exciting for us and for our customers.”

“Before the vehicle was even launched, customization shops were playing with the images online to show what they could do with the car,” said she. “That was confirmation of what we already knew, which was that this vehicle would have mass appeal in the customization world.”

Adam Genei, Mobsteel owner in Brighton, Mich., affirms the Flex captivated him.

Flex has a lot of character, and it has a kind of retro-coolness to it,” he affirmed. “There are 100 different versions of it I’d like to make.”

“We’re known for the dark, menacing-looking ride,” said he. “Essentially, we redesigned the front and rear fascias of the vehicle to give it a mean look and turn it into a pit bull.”

“We tried to make a real statement with this car,” affirmed Genei. “We made it as raw and mean-looking as possible without getting flashy.”

Ernie Bunnell, 3dCarbon owner, had something completely different in his mind for the show auto. His Flex car reflects a European look.
“We designed a 10-piece body kit that makes the vehicle look sleek,” said he. “To complete the look, we added 24-inch rims, a carbon fiber roof and a Katzkin® leather interior.”

“The vehicle is like a blank canvas. You can customize it any way you want,” said Melvin Betancourt - Ford Designer. “That’s the beauty of Flex.”