About the GLK Urban Whip by Mercedes

Posted on Tuesday, 4 November 2008 , 13:11:56 byEmil

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About the GLK Urban Whip by Mercedes

Last week 4 customized Mercedes GLK units that were on their way right to the SEMA Show. Now we bring you details about more outrageous variants, the Urban Whip model. Created in cooperation with the RoBrady Design, the small SUV auto is turned now into some tall roadster.

RoBrady Design cut the roof, minimied the windshield, lowered the ride height with 64mm. As usual at SEMA, there is more attention to the tires and wheels. The Urban Whip has AF 150 26” Asanti chrome wheels having custom black accents plus wrapped in 295/25 ZR26 Pirelli Scorpion rubber perfect for a ride.

“I’ve been a Mercedes fan since childhood,” says Chris Bradley - Boulevard President “and when I reviewed the design brief for the Urban Whip I said to myself, ‘we can do this better than anyone’”.

“It was the finishing touch to the whole design,” adds Bradley. “The Urban Whip has that extra wow factor to make it a true head-turner.”

The GLK was the perfect candidate for the Urban Whip idea,” says Bradley. “It has this incredibly powerful persona and shoulders broad enough to carry this kind of work. Working with it brought out the best in all of us.”