Glimpses of Knight XV

Posted on Thursday, 6 November 2008 , 05:11:58 byEmil

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Glimpses of Knight XV

If you are feeling still paranoid that all the soccer mothers will be able no to penetrate your X5 by BMW security, then you should be upgrading to Knight XV. At SEMA, taking a bow, this 295,000 Dollars urban assault car is Pimp My Ride mixed with eastern European disputed country. The completely armored auto features Wilton Wool carpeting, six-way seating, Andrew Muirhead leather, tandem sunroof glass having privacy shades, LED cabin lighting, side-mounted laptop stations, TVs, Bluetooth connectivity, an Alpine DVD navigation, night vision, rear operation cam system, plus a PlayStation 3.

The firm says it's using biofuel for powering the V10 400 hp. So if people asks, you just tell them that it runs off everyone who get then in the way.

The automakers will have probably 100 vehicles initial run. That may be good considering there is got to be there at least that number of ultra-rich who describe this outside world we're living as doing the hell-in-a-handbasket some... thing.