Renault is prepares 3 electric autos

Posted on Friday, 7 November 2008 , 23:11:20 byEmil

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 Renault is prepares 3 electric autos

AutoCar reports that Renault prepares 3 electric car, including a bespoke really small auto that is bigger even than a Twingo model, a powered battery variant of the Kangoo plus a Megane-based saloon unit.

First will then be a 5-seater, having a unique design style that would not be shared with the other autos.

The 4-door Megane-based will be unveiled in 2011 plus the Kangoo one year earlier.

So, Renault wants this sedan to rival with a 1.6-litre 100bhp petrol automobile, although the firm is keen on emphasizing that the flexibility of the electric car that's between 30 - 70mph will be therefor superior.

“It will be very good in urban situations,’” said Serge Yoccoz, the firm’s Electric Vehicle Project Director. Its top speed is well over 80mph, “and it will be fun to drive.”