GM opening the first factory in Russia

Posted on Monday, 10 November 2008 , 03:11:37 byEmil

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GM opening the first factory in Russia

As rumors said Detroit carmakers will now have to be saved by the government to keep afloat; the irony being that GM announced some factory opening in St. Petersburg, Russia. A feat that would not have happened as recently like the 1980s certainly, the factory`s debut is vital for General Motors - and, maybe, Russian-United States relations.

Dmitry Medvedev Russian President attended the ceremony held outside of St. Petersburg, commenting the economic cooperation between Russia and GM. “We are witnessing a project completed in spite of the financial problems which the world is facing today,” Medvedev affirmed as writing “good luck” on this first Chevrolet Captiva rolling off the production line.

The plant will make the Captiva and the Opel Antara SUV units (essentially the exact same auto as the Saturn Vue that was sold in Canada and the U.S.), hot Russian sellers despite dwindling the SUV sales in most of Europe and North America.

In late next year, the facility will make the Chevrolet Cruze, that would not be on sale until 2010in the U.S., announced in Detroit the automaker.