Audi R8 LMS 2009

Posted on Tuesday, 2 December 2008 , 03:12:24 byEmil

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Audi R8 LMS 2009

Audi revealed at the Motor Show in Essen its GT3 race spec auto known as R8 LMS. The vehicle should have the price of €262,000 - around 333,000 Dollars (base cost for a regular R8 model is around 107,000 Euros.) Any client expecting some extra comfort there, will be disappointed. So, instead pay almost 2 and a half times normal rate for R8 gets customers a track-ready auto complete with extra 2 cylinders (now in total 10) and five hundred+ horsepower.

"We know just how important motorsport is for the success of the brand,” emphasises Michael Dick, Chairman of the Board for Technical Development - responsible for AUDI AG motorsport programme. "Therefore it goes without saying that Audi must also be present on the race track in economically hard times. It is all the more important for us to enter a motorsport category in which the cost-benefit calculation is positive.”

"It was clear to us that we must develop a new car if we wanted to continue to be successful in Le Mans,” explains Dr Wolfgang Ullrich Head of Audi Motorsport. "The Audi R15 TDI is the result. The step from R10 to R15 is significantly larger than it was from the R8 to the R10.”

"2008 was the largest and most successful motorsport programme in AUDI AG history,” explains Dr Wolfgang Ullrich Head of Audi Motorsport. "We want to continue this in 2009. In view of the international economic and financial crisis, it is clear that motorsport must also make a contribution to reduce costs further. It is all the more pleasing that we have found a way to continue our two large projects, the new Le Mans sports car and the DTM, and added another string to our bow with the GT3 customer sport programme. This demonstrates just how valuable motorsport is for Audi.”