Mercedes droping V12 engines

Posted on Tuesday, 2 December 2008 , 18:12:02 byEmil

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Mercedes droping V12 engines

First 2 cylinders lobbed from Audi, then following from BMW. So, Mercedes is rumored no to lose as much as 4 cylinders on a few of its biggest and fastest autos.

Mercedes may look on replacing its V12 and V10 units with 4 different autos of twin turbo variants of the V8 engines. The vehicles that are effected probably will be the upcoming S600, SL600, CL600, SL65, S65 and CL65.

The luxury carmaker was rumored about replacing for its present V12 engine unit, but the new shift in the emissions and fuel economy importance has halted the work. The twin-turbos will offer similar high-performance V12 and V10 units, but will return better economy of fuel due to the less thirsty nature and lighter weight.