All about Audi A5 S5 2009

Posted on Friday, 5 December 2008 , 04:12:01 byEmil

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All about Audi A5 S5 2009

Audi has the official coupe model based on the A4, so now it`s only sensible the auto takes over all the duties of the convertible too. For next year, in North America, the smallest model (drop tops) are know now as A5/S5 Convertible.

So, the A5/S5 Cabriolet model is being debuted with 3 gasoline turbocharged engines, having the power outputs from 211 hp - 354 hp. Also there will be 2 diesel engines not make it America. All 5 powerplants are now fueled through direct injection; 4 of which are using turbocharging. All autos will have a variant featuring the Tiptronic manumatic six-speed transmission. The variable continuously multitronic transaxle too, as well as the basic manual transmission are available also with certain trims and engines.

Expect the vehicles to show up on the showrooms in America for Audi by the fall of next year as 2010 units. But you should have a close look, as this picture shows there is not that much difference here, between A5 and A4.