Mercedes considers 2-seat roadster with base on A-Class

Posted on Saturday, 6 December 2008 , 14:12:41 byEmil

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Mercedes considers 2-seat roadster with base on A-Class

Like BMW and Volkswagen, so is Mercedes. Since Audi/VW will be making a small roadster plus BMW now is toying with a new idea - the Z2, Mercedes will not be left out, plus is exploring the desire of producing its own roadster model that's based on A-Class.

Mercedes has already a few studies in design to work from, plus it is looking back to SLA concept unit from the Auto Show in Detroit - 2000. "It is part of the regular new-model review at Mercedes-Benz to look at ideas from the past," an official senior Mercedes-Benz told AutoWeek.

"When the SLA was originally proposed at the end of the last decade, we didn’t have a suitable platform; the sandwich platform is too high and too heavy. This problem will be alleviated with the arrival of the next A-class, whose new platform provides much greater scope in terms of the sort of variants it can support."