Murcielago SV debuting maybe at Geneva

Posted on Monday, 8 December 2008 , 00:12:06 byEmil

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Murcielago SV debuting maybe at Geneva

The Motor Show in Geneva in March apparently it is going to be all about power and luxury. It should have all the premieres of Rolls-Royce RR4, Audi TT RS, Mercedes E-Class, plus added now to the list is maybe a new Lamborghini Murcielago variant.

We begun hearing some rumors last year about a meaner, lighter Murcielago variant being prancing bull tested. Known as Murcielago SV (Super Veloce) unit will be made to have an aggressive look , more than the basic auto, which is a tall order already. We have seen lots of spy shots with a 3 piece rear spoiler (so, you see? Lambo isn't done with the outrageous designs like Countach).

That is all we known about this auto. Rumors are that the brand new Lambo keeps all-wheel drive, plus that the ground clearance is lowered (being 9 cm), it may be getting visual cues found on the Reventon model, V12 will be making like 680, but all these details are only speculation. So, we'll wait and see.