Subaru presenting in Detroit a concept car

Posted on Wednesday, 10 December 2008 , 06:12:27 byEmil

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Subaru presenting in Detroit a concept car

There are some rumors going around that Subaru and Toyota will be teaming up to make a small sized Celica coupe model. It seems that it may come together actually at the Auto Show next month in Detroit. While a few manufacturers are at the moment pulling out all of Detroit, Subaru apparently is using the show to reveal its small sports auto variant.

It would be now unlikely that Subaru deviates from its present theme about offering all vehicles all-wheel drive, and this one would follow to. Plus, making this Subaru variant all-wheel drive plus the Toyota’s auto rear-wheel drive will be helping differentiate these vehicles. This will be confirmed when the auto comes closer to the 2010 or 2011 production.

Subaru decided to reveal this vehicle at the International Auto Show in North America, so it may be some sign that this all-new coupe unit will be sold in America.