Nissan GT-R debuted in Europe having 5 extra hp

Posted on Thursday, 11 December 2008 , 07:12:27 byEmil

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Nissan GT-R debuted in Europe having 5 extra hp

We knew already that the GT-R 2009 will get 5 five more hp, but we did not know that Europe would be getting it first. It`s okay, this is the 1st time Europe taste the GT-R model, as it get debuted officially quite recent.

This Godzilla of Europe features a few more modifications. Stickier now 600 DSST Dunlop SP Sport tires are basic. The GT-R unit is offered now in 3 different variants: standard, Black Edition and Premium edition. All come having the price with 3.8 % increase.

The 3.8-liter V6 twin-turbo is bumped up from 480 PS (meaning 473 hp) up to 485 PS (meaning 478 hp), according to the statement made official from Nissan UK. So, Nissan calls this 'thing' a 5 hp boost even if the vehicle is listed in the states as 480. Nissan has received already the top 2500 GT-R orders in Europe, so any brand new clients will wait until 2010 for the storm of the century.