Mercedes SL Coupe StudioTorino Coupetorino

Posted on Sunday, 14 December 2008 , 06:12:36 byEmil

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Mercedes SL Coupe StudioTorino Coupetorino

Yes, it`s beautiful, breathtaking... No, this would not go in the production (that we`ll see in a second). Alfredo Stola created the Coupetorino... Meaning a designer from StudioTorino plus Piotr Degler Jablonski a IAAD art institute student.

It entered right into the "Turin World Design Capital 2008" event as part of the category "Bespoke Coachwork". The idea is to take Mercedes SL, giving it some Italian flair. So, the result was amazing, pure sex...

Here's now the unfortunate, sad part... Mercedes will not build something like this ever.

The present Mercedes SL is some convertible that has a retractable hardtop, therefor so a coupe may really be redundant. If Mercedes thought that this SL needed to become a coupe unit, there won't be a problem, because it has build coupes before the SL. The last auto was based on SL from before 3 generations (R107), that Mercedes was using the body style taken from the seventies and eighties. The first SL coupe model was the first SL also: the 1954 300SL. Mercedes is working now on the SLC supercar (gullwing), which will be sharing some pieces with the present SL. So, this SL coupe can’t be produced because Mercedes has already all the bases covered, quite well...