Cobra shows off Nissan GT-R

Posted on Friday, 19 December 2008 , 11:12:43 byEmil

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Cobra shows off Nissan GT-R

Cobra Technology will release the Nissan GT-R in Europe. No autos have reach the street officially there, its 2009 allocation is sold out already. So the changed N+ GT-R Cobra may be already on a few wish lists in Europe.

Cobra now reprogrammed ECU, the boost pressure is raised by 0.15 bar, plus the air intake's changed with the sport filters for air. It claims that this raises the basic 485 hp up to 550 hp (remember also that GT-R units will appear usually stronger than they are actually on a dyno.)

Other GT-R upgrades
It’s hard messing with Godzilla. All the Nissan engineers spent around 7 years getting it done, so a body kit even may mess seriously with those factory aerodynamics. Europe will like the black / gold paint reminding many of us of... the 1970s F1 John Player Special racers.