Toyota creating MPV Yaris-sized seven-passenger

Posted on Saturday, 20 December 2008 , 05:12:23 byEmil

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Toyota creating MPV Yaris-sized seven-passenger

Toyota Yaris is an efficient way to get from a point to another, but it is not quite the roomiest auto on the road. So, despite the shortcomings involving space, the engineers from Toyota are convinced that they can make a seven-passenger MPV from a care no larger than the Yaris unit.

The engineers from Toyota learned many things from creating the iQ city vehicle; the Japanese carmaker is looking on spreading the knowledge to lots of other Toyota models. “We’re looking to transfer the clever engineering and packaging solutions to more Toyotas,” Hiroki Nakajima Toyota chief engineer reported to the AutoExpress. “For example, we’re working on a seven-seater that’s the size of the Yaris.” Nakajima claims even his team will give the small MPV “limo-like legroom in the back”.

Toyota works on another seven-passenger MPV with the base on the upcoming-generation Prius. The hybrid MPV would be using lithium-ion batteries hitting the market probably by 2012.