Saab presents the 9-5 Griffin Edition 2009

Posted on Tuesday, 23 December 2008 , 13:12:00 byEmil

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Saab presents the 9-5 Griffin Edition 2009

Saab makes autos you we be proud of, and not only vehicles celebrating airplanes. The big reveal of Saab for the Auto Show in Detroit will be 9-5 Griffin Edition model, named after the new fighter aircraft Gripen.

This 9-5 Griffen has the basic 2.3-liter 4-cylinder 260 hp engine from a regular auto. It’s a good engine, but no jet fighter either.

It's luxurious, with a matte chrome (front grille), 17-inch alloy wheels (unique), and rear spoilers that's for the wagon and sedan. The interior is getting high-gloss trim plus special stitching. 42,775 Dollars for sedan (44,045 Dollars for wagon), this January.