Supercar Revenge GTM-R coming in Detroit

Posted on Friday, 26 December 2008 , 12:12:26 byEmil

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Supercar Revenge GTM-R coming in Detroit

Tuner Revenge Designs will be making complete autos. The firm focused mainly on adding some speed to Pontiac units announced it will debut its GTM-R supercar in Detroit at the Auto Show.

If Revenge keeps the weight and cost low, having a hit in there hands. According to some posting from this summer, GTM should feature "500 to 650 horsepower GM Performance Engine, 20-inch x 325 rear tires, six piston calipers, air craft style leather sports interior, digital instrumentation, large touch screen navigation system, reverse cameras, premium sound system, hands free phone, driver controlled adjustable suspension, integrated air conditioning and DNA VIN number recorded security system." Maximum rumored speed is about180 mph.

So, in January it will be seen. Possibly a Ford GT - Saleen S7 mix. We’ll see it at the Detroit Show. Be patient until then, I know it's hard...