Sarkozy aiding the French carmakers

Posted on Friday, 26 December 2008 , 06:12:12 byEmil

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Sarkozy aiding the French carmakers

Nicolas Sarkozy - French president said recently that he plans an extra monetary push for all the domestic French car industry hopping it will be boosting the industry. He affirmed the government will announce officially the measures, aimed at the efficient cars' production, in January.

“We have decided to help our auto industry just like other European countries have done,” Sarkozy said at a news conference - Rio de Janeiro. “These are measures to help automakers build the cars of the future, cars that consume less energy, cars that are cleaner”.

Sarkozy said France has heavily invested in electricity and nuclear energy, feeling the country now should help the carmakers produce electric and hybrid vehicle. Aside from the Israel venture with Renault, French carmakers have been quit notably in the arena of car powered by the gasoline-electric hybrid unit powertrains.