Volvo previews `crash proof` high techs on S60 concept

Posted on Friday, 26 December 2008 , 19:12:57 byEmil

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Volvo previews `crash proof` high techs on S60 concept

Volvo says the goal is to create a car that could not get in a crush by 2020. The caarmaker intends on supplementing the accident-detection systems slowing down its future XC60 small SUV unit to a stop, completely, when they will be detecting a reduced speed wreck, introducing some measures helping Volvo units avoid crushes from any type of speed. The carmaker will be previewing the technology next month on the S60 concept auto.

“Our aim for 2020 is that no one should be killed or injured in a Volvo car,” Thomas Broberg, safety expert with Swedish carmaker reported to the Los Angeles Times.

The forthcoming S60 concept vehicle, debuting next month in Detroit at the North American International Auto Show, will showcase these features. It will prevent future autos from wrecks with... Collision Warning - Full Auto Brake plus its pedestrian system of detection.

“Up until now, we have focused on helping the driver avoid collisions with other vehicles,” said Broberg. “Now we are taking a giant step forward with a system that also boosts safety for unprotected road users. New sensor technology also makes it possible to advance from 50% to full-automatic braking power”.