Subaru - 2008 increase in sales

Posted on Sunday, 28 December 2008 , 04:12:25 byEmil

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Subaru - 2008 increase in sales

Subaru, says it will buck the trends in the industry posting a small sales raise over the sales in 2008 when the final after new year figures are available. The year-to-date sales of Subaru were up with 1.2 % in November (at the end), compared to the overall industry down over 16 % in the same decade.

“We are settled mostly in niches, and our customer is better financially heeled than other car customers - we have good demographics,” Tom Doll, executive vice president at Subaru told Automotive News.

Three of the Subaru units are posting now sales gains over the figures last year: The recreated Forester up 33.8 %, the Impreza up 9.6 % and Legacy - the oldest model by Subaru - has a 9 % raise in sales over the figures last year. Legacy - up for a 2010 redesign.