Mini 2009 - sales increase

Posted on Wednesday, 31 December 2008 , 05:12:43 byEmil

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Mini 2009 - sales increase

Thanks to powerful demand for the sprightly, small convertibles and coupes, as well plans for its future Crossman off-roader unit, Mini affirms it will see a sales increase in 2209, despite a dismal outlook, generally expected by almost all industry analysts. So, Mini aims for a 1 % rise increase on sales current year.

“We will continue to raise sales in 2009 regardless of the global sales crisis,” Wolfgang Armbrecht - Mini marketing director reported to the German vehicle magazine Auto Motor und Sport.

Mini’s sales, in November, tanked 20.8 % percent. The sales of the company remain up with 7.6 % over the last year’s numbers, in part due to the extended-length amazing Clubman unit debuted for the present year.

Mini sold 217,400 cars worldwide in November at the end, meaning that it is not far away from reaching the great total of 222,900 cars sold in all 2007 worldwide.