Chrysler and the final loan, criticized for the `Thank You` promo

Posted on Friday, 2 January 2009 , 14:01:42 byEmil

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Chrysler and the final loan, criticized for the `Thank You` promo

Chrysler finalizes its 4 billion Dollars government loan, the carmaker affirmed earlier in a release. Chrysler now granted 4 billion Dollars of the 17.4 billion Dollars granted to it plus Detroit automaker GM by Bush Administration. So, the carmaker is receiving flak thanks apparently to the Thank You controversial ad.

Chrysler LLC is continuing its discussions with the Treasury Department and is working tirelessly to complete the loan requirements,” Chrysler affirmed in a statement. “The company looks forward to finalizing the agreement for financial assistance in the near future.”

“It’s quite ridiculous to be spending that kind of money,” Princella Smith, American Solutions spokeswoman, an organization that's headed by the former Newt Gingrich, Republican House Speaker told Fox News. “Those ads are just a precise example of the fact that they do not get it … and it’s just in our faces.”

Chrysler spent upwards of $200,000 for full page ads in the Wall Street Journal and more than $100,000 for a full page ad in USA Today, Fox News says.