The Tokyo Motor Show 2009 may very well be canceled

Posted on Wednesday, 14 January 2009 , 09:01:51 byEmil

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The Tokyo Motor Show 2009 may very well be canceled

Automobile Manufacturers` Association of Japan considers canceling the Tokyo Motor Show 2009, scheduled in late October. This is supposed to be biennial, with the previous one in 2007. JAMA cited the withdrawal of a few major carmakers as a possible cancellation reason. It's without saying the poor world economy is to blame.

The first Motor Show in Tokyo was held on 1954. It then continued to be the annual event until 1973, becoming biennial. This until 1999, the show became annual conference again. And the biennial timing was resumed between 2005 and 2007.

The 2009 show theme is “fun driving for us, eco driving for Earth,” according to the organizers.

“A couple companies are not in favor of organizing the show under these conditions, but that is not JAMA’s opinion,” Toshihiro Iwatake, the executive director, secretary general of JAMA, told Automotive News.

Iwatake said to the trade publication that his organization now views this event like “a symbol of industrial prosperity.” He says if the conference's cancelled, “the Americans and Europeans will say, ‘Oh, Japan is sinking and the Chinese are up.’”