Alfa Romeo presents special Happy Birthday edition MiTo RIAR

Posted on Thursday, 15 January 2009 , 00:01:41 byEmil

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Alfa Romeo presents special Happy Birthday edition MiTo RIAR

Alfa Romeo likes very much its fan club. Registro Italiano Alfa Romeo (RIAR) is now celebrating the 46th anniversary, plus Alfa created a MiTo - special edition to celebrate it. It will be only 46 modes, surprise, right?

The special edition has 15 more hp, meaning the turbo diesel 1.4-liter engine develops 170 hp now. The auto will feature also the production number plus member’s name of RIAR engraved on the silver plate at the shift tunnel.

The auto comes in any color, meaning black (2 shades: Black Etna or Black Cattivo). The small hatchback is getting matching headlight plus rear-light rims and a rear roof spoler to go with the black. This MiTo has 17" dark forged rims, that are identical to the sported one by 8C Competizione. And there's even a black (or yes... red) leather inside. If equipped correctly, the unique spot car color can be the brake calipers - red.

The cost is 20,000 Euro. This translates on around 26,000 Dollars, but that does not matter so much. Not only Alfa doesn't import the MiTo in America, but the special edition is only for the RIAR members.