Lexus denies HS 250h for the European people

Posted on Thursday, 15 January 2009 , 13:01:33 byEmil

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Lexus denies HS 250h for the European people

Lexus is rolling out aggressively its expansion plans in Europe, but all the European customers will be left out now on the newest Lexus unit. Lexus just revealed its brand new HS 250h in Detroit at the Auto Show 2009, but that dedicated hybrid auto will not become part of the firm’s lineup in Europe.

HS 250h will hit the market in America this year in the summer, but European would not even have any shot on this new hybrid. “The HS 250h is intended mainly for North America and Japan, sales are not currently planned for Europe,” the head of Toyota Motor Europe marketing communications, Serge Gachot, told Automotive News.

Lexus will forgo the market in Europe having HS 250h model because it rivals the firm’s IS 220d. IS 220d is quite similar on size to HS and offers also comparable figures of CO2 emissions.

The move is strange if you consider the crusade of Toyota to sell one million hybrid cars every year by early upcoming decade. The hybrid cars from Lexus are extremely well known in Europe, having rates topping seventy percent. Currently Lexus sells hybrid variants of RX, LS and GS on the market in Europe.