First Camaro 2010 sold for 350k Dollars

Posted on Tuesday, 20 January 2009 , 18:01:41 byEmil

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First Camaro 2010 sold for 350k Dollars

Chevrolet Camaro 2010 will be maybe a classic. The right on having the 1st Camaro from the assembly tab was sold in auction at the Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale for 350,000 Dollars this weekend.

The bidder who'll win will spec out this new auto to his or her choosing. This could be representing a bigger premium paid likely for the Camaro auto then the 1st Corvette ZR1 sold previous year for 1 million Dollars. A Camaro SS, top-in-line retails for 33,430 Dollars, but some option wraps added by that winning bidder will put MSRP closer probably to 40,000 Dollars. A Corvette 3RZ (ZR1) retails for 116,520 Dollars and does not need options really. By comparison, all the 350,000 Dollars paid for Camaro (at 40,000 Dollars retail) is representing a 775 percent markup, meanwhile the 1 million Dollars paid for Corvette ZR1 (at 116,520 Dollars) represents around a 758 percent markup.

Regardless of that real cars value, both were only a good gesture by GM. The ZR1 proceeds went to United Way, plus the Camaro proceeds went to American Heart Association.