Ford stabilizing brand market share, raising Lincoln share

Posted on Tuesday, 20 January 2009 , 04:01:39 byEmil

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Ford stabilizing brand market share, raising Lincoln share

Jim Farley, the marketing chief at Ford says he expects the core brand of the automaker market share stabilizing this year - plus, thanks to some recent introductions about the product, Lincoln could now see uptick from the present 0.8 % market share. The department's market share of Ford has seen the steady decrease, this over the previous 2 decades to the present 12.7 %.

15 years ago the sales of Lincoln, Mercury and Ford made up 25.7 % of overall car sales in America. Last year, the number was 14.4 %, down with 0.4 % from '07.

“We think we have a really good chance this year,” Farley reported to Automotive News - industry publication at the North American International Auto Show 2009 in Detroit. “We don’t know what the luxury market is going to look like, but the one thing we’re really focused on is making sure that people see our products as aspirational and they pay the price.”

Despite the carmaker’s raised share in market, both brands presents lower sales this year, if compared with the last one. The market expects lower sales in 2009, which means if Lincoln and Ford’s sales do not drop much like other carmakers’ sales, they will gain the market share.