The V8 from Bentley celebrates its 50th birthday

Posted on Wednesday, 21 January 2009 , 05:01:46 byEmil

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The V8 from Bentley celebrates its 50th birthday

The car industry changed over these last 5 decades, but 1 thing managed to stay exactly the same – the flagship V8 from Bentley. This year celebrates the 50th anniversary of the engine, making it the 2nd oldest in the production, that's just behind the well known small-block V8 by Chevrolet.

Bentley's V8 1st debuted in the '59 Bentley S2 – with displaced 6.2L – this before growing on in 1968 to the familiar 6 3/4L size. The V8 6 and 3-quarter liter is used still in the firm’s Arnage, Brooklands coupe and Azure units.

Although the 530 horsepower of the engine's nothing amazing, the 6 3/4L mill unit is best known there for its great torque amounts. In coupe-guise Brooklands, the large V8 makes 774 lb-ft torque, a complete 221 lb-ft that's more than the Continental GTC Speed, W12-powered.

And despite all the green movement, Bentley affirms the 50-year bent 8 is here for staying. Expect this 6 3/4L unit to be converted running on bio-fuels on the coming years; the British marque is trying to comply having more stringent regulations about the emission.