Fiat, Chrysler designers meet to talk about future portfolio

Posted on Friday, 23 January 2009 , 11:01:55 byEmil

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Fiat, Chrysler designers meet to talk about future portfolio

With the alliance Chrysler-Fiat, designers from those 2 carmakers have agreed getting together this week for a discussion on what a lineup at Chrysler infused with the Fiat engineering and the DNA would appear like for the market in North America, and what Fiat needs for bringing Alfa Romeo and Fiat autos again over Atlantic and into the Canadian and American showrooms.

Last night, in Detroit, at the Automotive News World Congress, Ralph Gilles, design vice president at Chrysler, addressed the Chrysler – Fiat task. 'This week and the months following we will meet with the design studios at Fiat and figure out' what autos from Fiat stable units will be changed to the market in U.S., he affirmed. 'There may be situations where we can bring their vehicles in as is and there will be great opportunities to do products based on the Fiat DNA'.

Gilles pointed out also the deficiencies on the U.S. lineup at Chrysler for the future. 'When you look at our portfolio,' he said, it's 'somewhat truck heavy, very practical vehicles, SUVs, four-wheel-drive. Great for this climate, but maybe not the overall solution that we need. So they come in and complement us.' 'The Fiat 500 has taken Europe by storm. They can’t make it fast enough. It is such a fun package. I think Americans, given the chance, will fall in love with this thing'. 'I used to have this car. I sold this car and I still miss it to this day. What a passionate product. Still a pretty timeless car'.