Ex-designer from McLaren readying the EV supercar

Posted on Saturday, 24 January 2009 , 05:01:25 byEmil

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Ex-designer from McLaren readying the EV supercar

The McLaren F1 stands still as the modern supercar`s granddaddy, but 1 ex-designer at McLaren is planning some proper descendent for that mighty F1 unit. But, unlike that original F1, this new auto promises zero-emissions and extreme performance.

A former McLaren worker and founder of design company JJAD - Jim Dowle – announced the intentions of producing a brand new sports gull-winged vehicle. The new auto, called the P1, has until now been under creation, development for a long time, but Dowle recently has made an important change on the Exige-fighter by Lotus. Instead of using the conventional powertrain, now Dowle decided opting for the all-electric wrap for this new auto. As such, the name of P1 has been changed appropriately to P1-E.

Despite all the environmental friendliness of P1-E, it will be posting some performance numbers that would make the F1 even green with some envy. A JJAD press release reports the P1-E tips the scales at 2,320 pounds – including all ita weight of the lithium-ion batteries – that will be allowing the sporty EV reaching 60 mph in only 2.9 seconds. The P1-E's said having an area of 230 miles carrying a cost tag of only 75,000 Dollars – undercutting Tesla Roadster by 10s of thousands. Yet, no details of when P1-E will reach the markets, but JJAD is hoping to get a prototype running by the end of 2009.