Hybrid sales in U.S. fell almost 10 percent last year

Posted on Monday, 26 January 2009 , 06:01:40 byEmil

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Hybrid sales in U.S. fell almost 10 percent last year

Hybrid cars have become quite popular over these last years – all thanks to largely fluctuating fuel costs and the global green action – but the collapsing sales plus low prices on gas on the latter 50% of the year has managed stalling hybrid sales last year.

The sales of hybrid rallied in the 1st part of previous year when the gas costs topped 4 Dollars a gallon in the country, with a dramatic decline of the economy and fuel costs returned to 5-year lows. The hybrid sales therefor were down in 2008 with 9.9 percent.

Despite all the decline, the hybrid grip market at Toyota remained the same. The Japanese carmaker sold 241,405 units in the U.S. last year, beating handily 2nd place Honda with almost 210,000 models. In fact, near 3 of every 4 hybrid autos sold last year in America was from Toyota, Automotive News reports. Toyota sold in the first 6 of the year 91,440 Prius hybrids, but moved only 67,444 cars during the 2nd half of that year.

Ford – number 3 with 19,522 auto – down 22 % from 2007; Honda - 31,495 hybrid unit sales – General Motors has 14,439 in 2008. GM had the highest climb of any carmaker with hybrid sales – 179 % – thanks to all-new hybrid variants of its fabulous GMC Yukon, the Cadillac Escalade and the Chevrolet Malibu, Tahoe. Nissan with 8,819. Chrysler - last on that list having just 81 customers - Chrysler Aspen plus Dodge Durango hybrid cars – the only 2 the offers from the automaker.