Z10 ED BMW green supercar arriving in 2011

Posted on Friday, 30 January 2009 , 11:01:42 byEmil

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Z10 ED BMW green supercar arriving in 2011

BMW is looking now for a show space for its eco-friendly tech named EfficientDynamics. It looks like the Technik skunkworks from BMW(the same persons who build the Z8 and Z1) will be bypassing now the concept vehicle and going into production directly... mean green beast machine.

Autocar's reporting this will be a 2-seat unit named Z10 ED (Efficient Dynamics), debuted in 2011. This will be made in limited numbers, plus the £80,000 (around 115,00 Dollars) cost should keep the auto exclusive like other small batch BMW offers. BMW will be developing apparently a new turbocharged direct-injection high-pressure straight 6 cylinder engine, powering the auto. 'The idea is to bring all the very latest technology together in a way that will allow a high level of performance without overburdening the environment in a way that the current crop of supercars do. There is no reason why they need to be mutually exclusive when you consider the sort of technology that exists today. It is just a matter of applying it correctly' said an insider about the BMW’s plans.

We heard in November a similar situation which pegged M1 Hommage concept model to be the green supercar of BMW, but the name (Z10 ED) may be suggesting it will take the design cues right from the concept car 2007 . No matter what design, style, the auto should weight around 3000 lbs mainly (light) because of the carbon fiber on the body panels, integrated door frames plus sill panels.