Acura pushing the Tier 1 brand, NSX is hanging on life support

Posted on Tuesday, 3 February 2009 , 18:02:32 byEmil

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Acura pushing the Tier 1 brand, NSX is hanging on life support

Tough conditions in the economic have forced a few carmakers delaying or totally abandoning upcoming plans, but now Acura says the quest to be a Tier 1 luxury carmaker is still on. So, Acura laid its plan on becoming a Tier 1 carmaker at a new dealer meeting.

Acura is making still the push of joinnig the Mercedes-Benz – BMW ranks, but would not abandon its value appearance. 'Being a premium luxury brand is not just about product' Dick Colliver, the executive vice president at American Honda, reported Automotive News. 'It’s the way dealers handle customers. You don’t necessarily have to have a $90,000 sedan to get there'.

A 90,000 Dollars sedan model might not be on the immediate future of Acura, the carmaker from Japan is readying a brand new mid-size crossover unit. No CUV details unveiled, but it will slot between RDX, MDX and debut at the end of 2009.

Colliver revealed also that the firm’s NSX superauto may not be down and out completely. Colliver did not rule out the NSX revival when the climate improved economically, adding that 'the development [of the NSX] is mostly done'. However, the V8 plans of Acura are still stopped.