Chris Bangle is quitting from BMW

Posted on Tuesday, 3 February 2009 , 16:02:16 byEmil

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Chris Bangle is quitting from BMW

BMW`s chief designer - Christopher Edward Bangle is quitting `to pursue his own design-related endeavors beyond the auto industry` affirmed BMW officials, we read in Autonews.

The 52 year old U.S. citizen began his career in design design after graduating at Art Center, working for Opel division of GM and later on for Fiat. He was appointed in 1992 chief designer at the BMW Group.

He was therefor the 1st American doing so. Bangle's modiofications to BMW's appearance were based on “the revolution-evolution-revolution cycle”, (what he called) a principle to the BMW leaders.

Bangles affirmed in Motor Trend's 'Interview Chris Bangle, BMW's Design Chief' article that his work was about 'managing the conflict between corporate pragmatism--the clear need to make money--and artistic passion. My role is to inspire people, to work as an editor and a director of the whole thing, to make sure that if there are issues between ourselves and the board they're resolved as quickly as possible. BMW felt it was time to move, they allowed us to move--we did it together'.

Under the Bangle supervision, BMW changed ensuring the commercial success. His work, design are incorporated in every auto of the company. 'Christopher Bangle has had a lasting impact on the identity of BMW Group’s brands. His contribution to the company’s success has been decisive' BMW’s development chief - Klaus Draeger was quoted saying by the Autonews.

Bangle will be therefor replaced by Adrian van Hooydonk - design head at BMW. Before assuming this position back in 2006, that Dutch auto designer was President of Designworks USA by BMW, Californian studio.