Prius Plug-in Hybrid from Toyota reaches 65 MPG

Posted on Tuesday, 3 February 2009 , 06:02:16 byEmil

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Prius Plug-in Hybrid from Toyota reaches 65 MPG

Even if we all known Toyota Prius is providing a very low consumption of fuel thanks to the hybrid system, that plug-in hybrid tech brings more than this. Toyota says the plug-in Prius will achieve 65 mpg, depending on the battery pack capacity and the driving style. The Prius 2010, equipped with hydride nickel-metal batteries, has an average fifty mpg consumption of fuel.

This rating of 65 mpg was reached during a mixed testing, which includes both electric and gasoline modes, wrote Autonews, in which the testers driven those autos in normal conditions. 'That is real-world driving. I ask my guys to drive them as you drive your normal Prius', Bill Reinert, national alternative-fuel car manager at Toyota Motor Sales U.S.A, was quoted saying to the magazine.

But this isn't the first time Toyota praised the economy of fuel brought by the next Prius, as the manufacturer from Japan repeatedly insisted that this hybrid's capable of reaching an amazing consumption, this depends on the road conditions and driving style.

'How hard do you drive it? How fast do you drive it? When the hybrids first came out, there was a huge variance in gas fuel economy, depending on your right foot and other conditions. That difference is just magnified, supercharged, turbocharged with a plug-in electric because how fast you go really pulls the current out of the battery. It is a big deal' Reinert stated at the North American International Auto Show 2009 according to the same source.

Toyota will be continuing its testing in these last months of the year, sending approx. 150 Prius plug-in hybrid models to the universities, the commercial fleets and the individuals one. Each of the units will have a lithium-ion battery set that will be helping the manufacturer to determine the very best system for its upcoming lineup.