Honda makes 20 millionth car in North America

Posted on Thursday, 5 February 2009 , 15:02:44 byEmil

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Honda makes 20 millionth car in North America

Honda reduce the output on its factories worldwide keeping pace having global diminishing demand, the carmaker managed to hit in January a milestone: Based on the production totals, that carmaker made its twenty millionth auto at one of its factories in North America.

Honda assembled vehicles since 1982 in North America when it opened in Marysville, Ohio an assembly factory. 'The production of 20 million cars and light trucks in North America was achieved through the ultimate in teamwork by our suppliers, business partners and dealers working together with Honda associates to create joy for our customers' Tsuneo Tanai, the CEO of Honda America Manufacturing Inc., affirmed in a letter to the carmaker’s workers.

Honda did not announce only what car was its twenty millionth auto, nor did the firm announce which plant made it or in which day it rolled off on the assembly line.