n2a Motors Anteros it`s on sale from 149,500 Dollars

Posted on Saturday, 7 February 2009 , 11:02:33 byEmil

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n2a Motors Anteros it`s on sale from 149,500 Dollars

n2a Motors hit to the Auto Show in L.A. this year having production ambitions of for all its Corvette-based autos, and it seems now the firrm is following on. The Anteros Coupe and the Roadster are on sale. The n2a has the prices from the previous year, so the coupe begins at 149,500 Dollars and convertible for 154,500 Dollars. The Anteros that's based on Z06 platform costs 176,500 Dollars.

Anteros standard coupe and roadster is based on the Corvette 2009 and runs with a V8 LS3 engine delivering 430 hp plus 424 lb.-ft. torque (same as the basic Corvette). The Z06-based coupe is using the V8 7.0-liter engine's car to produce 525 to 1000+hp (including a Lingenfelter upgrade performance).

If you like already the Corvette’s inside, then Anteros would not disappoint you. The n2a says there are all-new leather dash, leather seats, Italian carpeting, leather-wrapped inside panels, the donor Corvette's lineage is unique.