All you need to know about Acura TSX 2010 V6

Posted on Saturday, 14 February 2009 , 08:02:48 byEmil

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All you need to know about Acura TSX 2010 V6

The hole between the Acura TSX and the European Accord is getting now wider. They are the same car basically, but the horsepower is quit different on those 2 pond sides. The European Accord came out just now having a Type-S variant that uses a diesel 2.2-liter to make 177 hp, plus now the hottest model Acura TSX will present a V6 280 hp 3.5-liter (powered with gas) for the 2010 unit year.

Its engine will be therefor coupled to the Sequential SportShift Acura automatic transmission, including paddle shifters (steering wheel). The all-new V6 engine, that is lifted likely from the Accord in North America, puts this TSX within bigger TL sedan’s range with V6 300 hp 3.7-liter. So, the TSX V6 unit will get also its own 5-spoke alloy wheels and suspension tuning. Sales should start this summer. 'The automotive market may be slowing down, but not Acura' said Jeff Conrad, the vice president of Acura sales. 'With improved acceleration and handling, the new 280 horsepower V-6 adds even more sport to the already sporty nature of the popular TSX sports sedan'.

The TSX V6's introduction at the Auto Show in Chicago is the 1st step in the series of important advancements to the lineup of 2010 Acura. Almost all Acura SUV and sedan will be receive major enhancements for this 2010 unit year.