Lamborghini to stop production for 2 weeks

Posted on Wednesday, 18 February 2009 , 17:02:33 byEmil

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Lamborghini to stop production for 2 weeks

Lamborghini sees the global economic decline. It knows its products are now used more for the pleasure, not the commuting. And when belts start tightening, a few of the steam`s taken right out of that prancing bull.

Lambo will stop its production line for 2 weeks February - March. “We have established a decade of sales and profit increases, including another record year for deliveries in 2008, but we cannot maintain the previous levels of production during the downturn,” said CEO Stephan Winkelmann in a statement.

This news is not so bad. Despite that decision, Lamborghini has announced now it will not cut back on development and research. The supercar builder will be continuing with plans to unveil 1 brand new product for marketing every year. So, this includes vehicles like Estoque sedan and Murcielago LP650-4 Roadster.