Hyundai Equus unveiled; might come in America

Posted on Sunday, 22 February 2009 , 11:02:58 byEmil

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Hyundai Equus unveiled; might come in America

Hyundai is teasing America with the Equus - its largest sedan. Hyundai made different generations of this auto for a decade for the Korean home market mostly, doing a great job in keeping it of the radar in North America, until now. So, at the 2009's beginning there was a sketch (tease), and official photos and a press release (which is in English) has now surfaced.

Is Hyundai will give the Genesis sedan model a big brother in the U.S.? Time will tell. So, what we know is the all-new Equus unit will come having the V6 268 hp 3.8-liter and V8 360 hp 4.6-liter from Genesis. Hyundai may enlarge also the V8 to 5.0-l for the big sedan. The Equus model should be in showrooms in Korea by next month. 'Genesis showed the world what a great car we could build, but EQUUS improves on the Genesis in every measurable way' said Dr. Hyun-Soon Lee, the Vice Chairman and Chief Technology Officer - Corporate Research and Development Division.

'The VI (EQUUS) was a fun project: It was greatly satisfying to have absolute freedom to adopt the newest and the best technologies. For once, we weren’t constrained by our usual design-to-cost approach to engineering and manufacturing' said Dr. Lee.